There she goes, there she goes again.

This summer has been a time of place-hopping and life-questioning, which has left my head spinning and my body convulsing with anxiety. As dramatic as that sounds, it is unpleasant lying awake at night, jetlagged, and wondering where you will be in a year when your contract expires again and you cannot renew it. Thinking about my next step from Russia, from Los Angeles, from Paris and from an American summer camp in France, I only stumbled upon more and more questions. One step at a time, I try reminding myself. Just this morning, I was looking through some photos taken earlier this year, searching for one of the luggage I have packed away in Bordeaux, and I found a glut of great memories. Bordeaux truly is a unique city, and I am happy to be going back for another year of teaching middle school booger-pickers.


One comment

  1. Dana · September 7, 2015

    Have a GREAT year!! 🙂


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