I got an Instagram. Can someone tell me how this works?

Yes I am plunging into the world of squared photos, images of food and coffee, and whatever else Instagram offers. Honestly, I have been hesitant about starting an account (which I think I made once and then deleted) because I already have my blog and a facebook page and such, so what’s the use of remembering yet another password?

The truth is that I love to take photos. They are memory tidbits that I wouldn’t mind sharing with others. I have got nice stuff on my phone, but it would be neat to see at least the good ones on a page, like a scroll-down scrapbook. And by “the good ones” I mean the few where I am not making faces or doing something embarrassing.

So, bonjour Instagram. You can follow me @nikaalikesmaps (And a shout-out to my one follower)

And I will leave you with this old classic that is stuck in my head.



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