When you’re away from home

When you are away from home, you start asking questions, looking for answers. You see that the world is a little bigger than you thought. The streets change. The sounds around you change. You notice the people are a little different. Maybe they look at you differently. The way they talk is different than you’re used to. Even the way others behave on the tram is different. Maybe you feel uncomfortable. Maybe you feel brave and get on a train to a new city. Maybe you find the courage to ask someone for help. Maybe you’re lost. Or maybe you’re found.

Because going away from home, you learn about you. You learn about you from a new perspective because you’re seeing through a new lens. You learn about you through a new language because you’re speaking a new tongue. You’re breathing in a new culture, picking up mannerisms, discovering that words exist you never knew existed. You’re writing a story on stationary paper with come cool new colors you’ve picked up.




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One comment

  1. Lucia · August 10, 2014

    that’s exactly how i feel!


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