How to get a cheap plane ticket to Paris

The other day I was looking for my ticket to the City of Lights for September. And I found this:

Norwegian Airlines: $361.

I thought to myself, this is too good to be true. And I was right.

Here is what else I found. In addition to paying the $361, you had to pay $43 for choosing a seat on the plane. Another $43 for a meal. Another $133 for checking in 2 bags. The final price for the ticket would have been around $580. Does that look like the $361 advertised?

I was so furious that I thought, “I’d rather pay more to another airline than be scammed.” Other airline tickets for that day were around $600-700. But then I realized something.

This new airline—Norwegian, allows you to choose whether or not you want to pay that extra money for picking a seat, a meal and checking in bags. Other airlines have the same services which are all included in the price already. So, I took my fury back and I decided to be a cheap-o.

I still chose to check in 2 bags since last year when I was abroad in Bordeaux I often wished for more clothes.

However, by choosing to fly Norwegian, by opting out of picking a seat, and by not choosing $40 plane food, I ultimately saved myself over $200. I ended up paying only $481 bucks for my whole ticket—and that’s with 2 checked bags! Not too bad. I’ll get food once I pass security.

TLDR: you can save money with Norwegian Airlines if you choose to not pay for certain services.

Note to self: travel in black. Even if you're tired, you'll look classy.

Note to self: travel in black. Even if you’re tired, you’ll look classy.

And finally, I just started a new  Facebook page where I share anything related to travel.



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  2. dailyfrancofile · August 12, 2014

    Where were you flying from! That’s an amazing price ! good job!


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