People, Youtube is a great resource for language-learning!

In school they make us memorize vocab lists, drill grammar exercises, write compositions, maybe answer questions based on a politician’s speech. Maybe they assume that we do our own research outside the classroom, but the truth is, we get so bogged down by what we have to do that we don’t think about other resources available to us. And that can be uninspiring. Whenever people ask me for advice about learning languages, I tell them to get obsessed with blogs and videos. They are little portal’s to people’s lives and include everyday problems, advice and humor. And there are so many of them and almost on any subject imaginable! Besides watching foreign movies like a maniac in the last year, I have been finally subscribing to vloggers, and the stuff they say kinda sorta sticks.

If you are learning French at the moment, I want to share two bloggers you may like. The adorable Gerldine from “Comme une Francaise” covers come useful topics in her weekly videos. These include behaviors that may seem odd to the source or target speakers, how to order coffee in France, embarrassing mistakes, French expressions, and other devourable goodies for learners of the language.

The second vlogger’s videos are in French. He is Youtube’s beloved Cyprien whose videos are fast-paced, silly and funny. They include all sorts of topics, many of them complaining about the perils of everyday all the while poking fun at life and fooling around. Good for picking up some phrases and sneaking in a laugh.

So, don’t forget that there are communities that you can take advantage of. Now go play!




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