Reblog: Caitlin goes to Chile, “Angels, Beef and Jumping from Bridges”

One of my favorite humans on the planet jumps off a bridge! Ok, she’s safe don’t worry. Here is her blog from Chile. Meet Caitlin (Elena)Cait

Caitlin in the Southern Cone

This past weekend I went to Mendoza, Argentina, which may be the greatest city in the world – and I do not say this lightly.

We started out our journey a day late since there was a storm on at the Chile/Argentine border and we were taking a bus. So we left Friday night on the winding road to Argentina, a trip that should take 6 hours but somehow took 15 after dealing with border police and customs. It’s a good thing I’ve always loved long bus rides.


Argentine Flag at the border; Us at the Border

The group was interesting. Three friends from my program and I went with CAUC, the organization at La Catolica (the other university my program is studying at) that organizes trips for foreign exchange students. There were 45 people from different parts of the world, mostly American, some German, two Spaniards. But the strange…

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One comment

  1. caitlingoestochile · June 21, 2013

    🙂 next we go sky diving right?


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