The Red Light District

All lit up and beautiful

I was in Amsterdam.

It was daytime and I had a few hours to kill on my own before heading to the airport and back to Bordeaux, France. So I decided to see parts of the city that I haven’t explored yet. Somehow, I ended up on one of the Red Light District streets.

For those of you who don’t know, prostitution is legal in Amsterdam. You go to the Red Light District, which is an area of narrow, dark allies full of windows. Then you look into the windows and find—well, you find a suitable prostitute!

So I, along with many other curious tourists (or maybe, lost tourists), was walking down one of these streets. On my right, I saw a young girl about thirteen years old walking with her grandmother. There were explicit photos and women in windows lit by red light, and there was this young girl, just walking next to me, and I felt so awkward!

In the meantime, the girls in the windows, waiting for their next customer, were texting to pass the time away, dressed in almost nothing. Waiting.

I’m still trying to figure out how I feel about the concept of selling your natural goodies from behind a brightly-lit red window. I guess I’m just not really used to it. Thoughts?



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