Bonjour la France: Day 1 Studying Abroad


(Bordeaux rooftops on a foggy morning)

Day one was a long one: car, plane, train-shuttle, plane, taxi, house and family.   Lots of traveling, lots of waiting, and very little sleep. I’m still getting used to seeing numbers greater than 12 on my clocks. (Next, I’ll be getting used to kilometers and Euros).  I haven’t seen any of the city/town, except on my way to the house, but I did notice that the road are tiny. Oh, and another observation: contrary to LAX (Los Angeles Airport), not many people were listening to their headphones in CDG (Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris) and in the Mérignac (Bordeaux airport). Just an observation.

The family: mom, dad, and two sisters (16 and 18). They seem generous, organized and worldly: they offer but don’t force-feed, every object has its own place, and they like traveling. (Their eating area has a world map, and Nika likes maps!) At dinner, there was no interrogation but rather a conversation, laughter and a laid-back atmosphere. They never said, “Tell us about yourself” or “tell us about your family/life etc.” Instead, they let me ease in on my own, which I am grateful for. They answered all of my questions, and I always have quite a few. I asked them to correct my grammar and anything else I say incorrectly and they are willingly doing so. (It’s kinda funny actually. I have to use my basic vocab to explain words I don’t know, it can even seem as if it’s some kind of game or if I’m quizzing them.)

For dinner, we had food prepared by a raclette. You plug it in. It has two levels: the top for warming up potatoes and the bottom for melting cheese. You then can put the cheese on a side of meat (salami, ham, bacon etc.) and on the potatoes. I think I might actually get one for my family.

My room: a cozy, third-floor chambre with a low, sloping ceiling and a skylight which I can open and see pidgeons!

More to come soon: the city, what I’m doing about my phone, how to sign up for classes, the people, fashion, going out…

Here is a pic of a typical breakfast: cereal, juice, tea (or coffee), fruit, baguette, cheese and butter. (And my camera)




Here is a pic of a typical breakfast: cereal, juice, tea (or coffee), fruit, baguette, cheese and butter. (And my camera)



  1. caitlingoestochile · January 6, 2013

    You can see Pigeons?!?!

    It sounds awesome Nika 😀

  2. DBell · January 7, 2013

    This sounds great! Nika is ready for France, but I wonder if France is ready for Nika?!?

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