Last minute travel checklist and 3 goals. GOOD-BYE USA!

Today is the day. Today is the day I finally board my plane for France. The last few days were calmly chaotic. I ran many errands and packed many things, to say the least.

Here is a list of some things I had to do:

1)      Download a map of France to my phone

2)      Prepare a notebook in which I will be taking notes of words, phrases, places etc. to look up later

3)      Unlock my phone (This is so that I can use another SIM card to make calls when in France)

4)      Email my host-family about my departure/layover/arrival time and final questions

5)      Charge all technology

6)      Double-check the host family address and documents

7)      Weigh my baggage and carry on (baggage max: 50 lb. carry-on max: 26.5 lb.)

8)      Check in and print boarding pass

9)      Back-up all my files on an external hard-drive

10)   Re-read emails and study abroad info to enter dates into my calendar

11)   Slip a few good reads into my carry-on (also downloaded some PDFs about the city onto my phone to avoid using my comp on the plane and bothering people around me)

12)   Buy a new travel bag to look styyylin’

13)   Buy new boots and coat


Some of these things might be of use for those of you going abroad (ie: back-up files). Ya never know. Anyway, can’t wait to share more. But in the meantime, here are a few goals I have while abroad:

1)      Walk slower. Take in the surroundings, especially sounds.

2)      Eat slower. Look at every bite and enjoy the food. I once worked at a French Bakery in Santa Monica with a man named Patrice who was French. He said that “we Americans” eat too fast to appreciate food and that food should be something holy and not something we do while multi-tasking.

3)      Talk slower. I want to be more concise and precise with my words. Sometimes I make facial expression or sounds (…yeah…) instead of using words. I want to think more before I speak. And being in an environment where I am literally forced to do that— by speaking in another language, will hopefully translate into my general English speech as well.



  1. Lera Pen · January 5, 2013

    yaay i love you baby have so much fun! –lera

  2. johncoyote · January 5, 2013

    Very good goals. I need to walk and eat slower. I need to be quiet and listen more. Have fun and be safe.


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