A New Year


Today is New Year’s Eve which means that there are only four more days left until I depart for Bordeaux. I’ve taken care of the financial stuff. Opened up an account with Bank of America because they have a sister branch in France (unlike Chase) and I’ll be able to withdraw money from ATMs without extra charges. In the last week I’ve seen old friends and am spending time with family. Russian families are funny. They won’t let you do anything on a whim, but when you tell them well in advance, things begin to sink in, and they’ve finally come to terms with the departure. There’s always Skype. I also got a new camera, which will play a fun part in documenting.

UPDATE: It has been almost two years since I wrote this post, but I have recently heard that it is no longer free to withdraw from the Bank of American sister branch (BNP). The two are no longer working together!! I have to do some more research on that because I’ll be going back to Bordeaux in a month to take care of some business…


One comment

  1. Evez · February 17, 2013

    that picture of you is adorable! 😉 Have fun in France!


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