I am leaving to France in 9 days!

I finally got the hang of WordPress, I think. So now, I’ll share with you what’s going on in my mind. As of today, I have less than nine full days left in the US. That obviously hasn’t  hit me yet because of the holidays and the prep for new year.

In the meantime, I have most of my clothes packed. I live in Berkeley but am visiting my parents in Los Angeles before departing, so I had to get my stuff ready beforehand. I am going shopping for a warm coat tomorrow. But the general advice I heard was, pack light.

I have all my documents in one binder. And just to be safe, I backed them up to Skydrive using my handy Nokia Lumia 900 phone.

I’ve been in contact with my host family in Bordeaux. And I have their information and heard through a current student that they are are great hosts.

What I still have to take care of:

1. decide whether to open a bank account with France

2. decide on a phone plan while abroad. I do know that the company is called Orange.

Anything I’m forgetting? Got any tips? I know I want to travel. Spain? Germany? Ideas? Do, share your ideas.

9 days


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  1. Dina · December 28, 2012



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